Vape Jam Organizes Oklahoma City Premiere of A Billion Lives

An expose on the undue influence big business has on government regulation and the lives that hang in the balance

Fash Fadaei

Vape Jam, LLC is proud to announce that it will be presenting a red carpet premiere for the new documentary film, “A Billion Lives”.  The event will be Thursday, August 11, 2016 at Harkins Cinema in Oklahoma City.  Seating will begin at 7:00 p.m. and the film will begin at 7:30. 

“A Billion Lives” is an independent documentary film produced by Attention Era Media and directed by Aaron Biebert.  A true story about the public relations campaign and corrupt practices employed by “big tobacco” and “big pharma” to stall the growing e-cigarette industry.  It brings to light the way large corporations manipulate government regulations and use them to entrench themselves and prevent competition from entering the market.

“The cover-up is real.”

“E-cigarettes are a real threat to the ‘old business’ of tobacco.”

“Third world countries are now the marketplace for tobacco. Lives are still being lost, leading to a billion deaths, many children, by second-hand smoke.”  “Smoking is good business.”

The documentary is a glaring expose on corruption in America’s regulatory system and how it has affected the vaping industry.  It also brings to light the problem of giant multi-national corporations manipulating global regulatory systems by funding and spreading false research and using government regulations to choke out competition from small business.

“A Billion Lives” exposes clear conflicts of interest in the FDA and trusted national health organizations, focusing specifically on the vaping movement and the web of lies that are being cleverly woven to sway public opinion in order to protect the interests of large companies without regard to public health,” said Aaron Biebert, the documentary’s director. “This film will infuriate you and leave you wanting to do something about the corruption in what should be, our government.”

Biebert and film’s crew will be available for a question and answer event after the film.  The after-party will follow at Club One15 in Bricktown. Tickets for the movie premiere are $28 and may be purchased at 

Vape Jam Events is a joint venture consisting of Oklahoma small business owners, advocates, and consumers of vapor products.  Our purpose is and has always been to help users of combustible tobacco products to successfully switch to an alternative that is much less harmful. We do so by producing events geared to inform, engage, educate, and activate consumers to join our cause and confront the lies and misinformation with a healthy dose of the truth.  For information on the upcoming 2016 Oklahoma Vape Jam, Visit the website at


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