Converting Customers into Advocates

2016 Vape Jam - Vapor Industry Conference & B2B Expo

Converting Customers into Advocates

Proposed by Jullie Woessner

 President Of CASAA, has spoken at numerous events speaking out against false safety issues brought to the public by bad press 

About The Author

Julie Woessner graduated from Duke University School of Law in 1986. She left private practice after a decade in order to spend more time raising her family. Julie has been an active member of CASAA since its inception, and was appointed to the Board in 2012. She helps with the writing and editing, as well as providing organizational assistance. Julie also invests many hours each week researching and interpreting proposed legislation and ordinances across the country and issuing the CASAA Calls to Action, which alert members of activity in their area.

Julie Woessner

Practical Info

08/13/2016 02:37
27 minutes
Breakout Room 1