Discussing survival strategies in the regulated industry

2016 Vape Jam - Vapor Industry Conference & B2B Expo

Discussing survival strategies in the regulated industry

Proposed by Joe Barnett

Joe Barnett the Director of the Vaping Militia a retired Architect using his mind for business and passion for the industry now heads one of the most wide reaching and successful advocacy organizations in the business 

About The Author

A vaper for 4 years, Joe is a retired network architect. His passion for this industry was spurned by a desire to see the right thing done. Joe has taken his personal advocacy and moved that energy to become one of our nation’s leading advocates and activists for the vaping industry. As the Director of The Vaping Militia, he works with consumers and vendors throughout the entire U.S., using his business experience and genuine passion for this product to “do the right thing for the industry”. His personal philosophy, “Standing silent will lead to certain downfall”, is one of the key drives in reaching out and helping others to see what they can do to save themselves.

Joe Barnett

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08/12/2016 07:00
3 hours