Fighting the lies, changing public oppinion

2016 Vape Jam - Vapor Industry Conference & B2B Expo

Fighting the lies, changing public oppinion

Proposed by Greg Conley

Greg Conley president of the American Vaping Association On numerous occasion has spoken about the health benefits that vaping has to offer including  the Association of Health Care Journalists 

About The Author

AVA President Gregory Conley regularly speaks at vaping events in both the U.S. and overseas on advocacy. He has also spoken before organizations like the Association of Health Care Journalists, the National Conference of State Legislatures, and Georgia Conference of Black Mayors. In May 2016, Conley embarked on the Truth About Vaping Tour, a six-city speaking tour of Mississippi, which he hopes to bring to other states in the future.

Gregory Conley

Practical Info

08/13/2016 02:40
1 hour
Cox Convention Center Exhibit hall- Main stage