Setting good E-liquid manufacturing standards to protect your business and consumers

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Setting good E-liquid manufacturing standards to protect your business and consumers

Proposed by Scott Eley

Lou Ritter president of the American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Society has dedicated his time to reducing the numbers Of those harmed by tobacco and has started many non-profit organizations to further reach his goal 

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As first elected President of the American E-liquid Manufacturing Standards Association (AEMSA), and launch term President of ERF, Lou Ritter serves as an unpaid consumer volunteer. His Urban Planning background included functioning as a liaison between private and public sectors. After quitting smoking, using e-cigarette products, he committed to this opportunity to help advance tobacco harm reduction. Lou has no financial involvement in the industry. October 2012 – AEMSA launched as a nonprofit 501(c)(6) professional trade association establishing the world’s first (and only) self-regulation verifying e-liquid manufacturing standards. AEMSA focuses on consumer protections, good product stewardship and advocacy. Members agree to various verifications including (but not limited to): scheduled and unscheduled inspections and random product analysis. AEMSA has four highly credentialed SMEs and an established relationship with an accredited lab specializing in nicotine analysis. Mr. Ritter, representing AEMSA, has presented before the USA FDA five times and met with OMB/OIRA (a division of the White House). AEMSA was co-founded, and formation facilitated, by unpaid consumer volunteers Linc Williams and Lou Ritter. AEMSA standards

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